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The University and National Library University of Debrecen (UNL) was established January 1, 2001 as a result of the university integration with the union of the libraries of the predecessor institutions.

The seven library units of the UNL can be found on the five campuses of the university :

  • Agricultural Science Library
  • Arts and Sciences Library
  • Library of the Faculty of Child and Adult Education
  • Kenézy Life Sciences Library
  • Media Collection
  • Engineering Library
  • Social Sciences Library
  • Library of the Conservatory

The largest proportion of the valuable collection of the library (more than 2.700.000 documents) comprises of books and bound periodicals. The digital periodical collection is also significant; with the help of this our users are able to access more than 27.000 periodicals.

Above these more than 100.000 music scores, audio files (30.681), images (2874), cartographic materials and other types of documents are available for the users.
Besides the so called traditional services like reading room or circulation the University and National Library provides users with numerous modern services. A major part of the electronic services are available for our users in any part of the world.

The Library collects and manages information on the scientific products of the University of Debrecen. The full texts of the publications are maintained in the University of Debrecen Electronic Archive (DEA).

The two main parts of the UNL holdings include the legal deposit collection and the scientific collection supporting the educational, research and medical work of the university. The holdings divided among seven research libraries (the Agricultural Science Library, the Arts and Sciences Library, the Kenézy Life Sciences Library, the Engineering Library, the Library of the Faculty of Education, the Social Sciences Library, and the Library of the Conservatory) are available for the employees and students of the University and for the citizens of Debrecen. The collections of the related fields are complemented with valuable special collections.

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